Single Story For Sale in Veleta, Tulum

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•  83 sqm , 1 bath , 1 bdrm single story FOR SALE  USD135,000 . $135 000

This new project we are proposing is called Manglar, it is located in the super district of La Veleta.
The condos we offer are generous, soothing, relaxing spaces, with open spaces accompanied by pleasant comfortable terraces and private Jacuzzis for each apartment.

We offer 8 units of rare beauty with private two-storey lofts and two lock off bedrooms and 3 ph bedrooms with lock off locks.

The promotion of the natural environment is a hot topic and many projects are making great efforts, the greenery and the natural give a certain elegance to the building.
For the construction of this project, the various apartments, condos are made from local materials, from the historical heritage of the Mayan era, with pigments of a local Mayan stone of tree resin to stain the walls.
This project also makes an effort regarding water and therefore aims to reduce our CO2 footprint with process water and solar panels.

Clear Water 1 : 1 bedroom/ 1,5 bathrooms 89,21m2 (64,21m2+25m2) = 135000 usd
Clear Water 2 : 1bedroom/ 1,5 bathrooms 107m2 (63,89m2+43,11m2)= 160500 usd
Clear Water 3 : 1 bedroom/ 1,5 bathrooms 83m2 (64,27m2+18,73m2)= 149000 usd

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