3 Story For Sale in 5th Avenue, Playa del Carmen

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Market Value: 850,000USD

•  588 sqm , 6 bath , 6 bdrm 3 story “Allow 4 stories” FOR SALE  USD580,000 . 72h Playa Home Auctions starting in October

72h Playa Home Auctions starting in October
Best offer at 580,000 USD has not accepted by the owner!, contact us and make your offer now!
Market Valuation: 850,000USD

Very good investment opportunity in the best growing area of Playa del Carmen !
Beautiful residence of 4 apartments: 2 penthouses of two bedrooms and 1 one bedroom and 1 studio furnished for sale in Playa del Carmen on 40 street and a few meters from the famous 5th avenue.

The land is mixt use means that you have the possibility to make commercials store too.

At only 10 meters from the vibrant 5th avenue and very close to the beach, the place is gorgeous, with a private pool. Take a look at the pictures, you will love the design and terraces.

Ideal for vacation rental with a good Rental company and your RoI (Return on Investment) will be a minimum of 15% a year.

We invite you to contact us for more information or to schedule a visit from now.

How is working the Playa Home Auctions?
The “Playa Home Auctions” allow buyers to submit their offer at any time (for example after visiting the property), without waiting for a predefined date of the Auctions. While keeping the advantages of the classic auction sale (auction system, communication plan, attractive price…), the “Playa Home Auctions” are adapted to clients who want to make a good deal and owners who want a quick sale process.
When the buyers submit their offer, the seller is informed and then has a period of 2 working days to accept (or not) the offer. In the meantime, the other buyers are also informed and have the opportunity to make a higher offer.
The end of the sale occurs any time as soon as the seller accepts an offer (it can happen before the 3 days of auctions).

Real estate agencies welcome too!

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